Standardknit History

The Standard Universal Group is a wholly owned family company established in 1954 and has an unequalled wealth of accumulated knowledge and expertise in knitting, dyeing and finished fabrics at the Botany plant in Sydney.

The company was originally established by Mr Leon Lehrer as a manufacturer of garments and flat knitted fabrics. Over the next 28 years the company would shift away from making garments to specialising in the manufacture of circular knitted fabrics and with the acquisition of Universal Dyers in 1980, a fully integrated knitting, dyeing and finishing company was established.

In the following years there would be several more company acquisitions including Australian Dyers and Bleachers as well as Very Fine Fabric Knitters. The Standard Universal Group has enjoyed the reputation as Australia’s leading and largest manufacturer, dyer and finisher of circular knitted fabrics.

Sadly from end August 2013, the Standard Universal Group ceased knitting, dyeing and finishing fabrics in the Botany plant. The continued shift of garment manufacturing to countries other than Australia has impacted significantly on our business to the point that it was no longer sustainable to continue knitting, dyeing and finishing in Botany.

The owners, managers and staff gratefully thank the many loyal customers for supporting the company, some customers sourcing fabrics and commission dyeing with Standard Universal in excess of 50 years!

We are not quite closed and we have a great range of fabrics still available to buy with many good clearance specials if you are looking for some bargain buys!!